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Fuel Tanks, Single & Double Wall

Two friends,  finding themselves displaced due to the 2015 O&G job purge, decided to take control of their situation.  We came up with a plan and made things happen - at the start of 2017 we hit the ground running and have been building since then.  We have over 40 years combined O&G experience in engineering, design, manufacturing & QA/QC.

So begins our journey!

NXT QED Services LLC offers full service manufacturing of tanks and utility buildings spanning many industries. You will find we have experience in custom-built steel products such as water tanks, mud tanks, mud systems, fuel tanks, dog houses, change houses, SCR houses, generator houses, and tanks on wheels.  


Tank System, Mud Conditioning

Contact us and we will send you a complete cut sheet of what we can offer in regards to manufacturing.   We design,  fabricate, paint & can offer electrical - if you need your product delivered ready to plug in, we are your source for turn-key projects!

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Fluid Clarification Tank, Frac Water

Our company mantra is Engineering,  QA/QC, and continuous improvement.  Give us your designs and the delivered product will be exactly what you wanted.  Give us your idea and we will design a product that will exceed your expectation.  

We offer competitive pricing and superior quality that is hard to match.

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